February 9, 2018

Wide World of Tech #7 - Tech Rants Part 2


  • Tech News 

    • Companies still taking tax hits
  • Sports News
    • Super Bowl Snacks
    • NBA Super Teams
    • Hockey watching
    • MLB Free Agency
  • Placing Bets
    • Superbowl Ads!
  • Big Topic
  • This week/day in tech history
    • 2/3/1986 -Vaporware: According to Computerhistory.org, Time Magazine used the term “vaporware” to talk about the delays Microsoft had delivering Windows. Interestingly, the term was created by a Microsoft engineer in 82, when he responded to a reporter’s question about MFST continuing to develop Xenith, an OS that depended on Open Source software. He said “basically, it’s vaporware”.
    • Black History Month
      • Mark E Dean, IBM Fellow, helped invent the PC (holds 3 of the original 9 IBM patents). Linked article (looks to have been written around 2000) calls him an IBM “idea man”, and his pet project was an electronic tablet.
      • Shirley Ann Jackson, current President of Rensselaer Polytechnic University, worked at Bell Labs early in her career, where her research helped develop caller ID (among other things)
  • Last word

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