April 5, 2018

Wide World of Tech #14 - Bad Actors!

  • Welcome
  • Tech News
    • Facebook still in the news
    • Facebook/Google storing data
    • Self-driving cars
  • Sports News
    • MLB -Opening Day!
    • March Madness - UConn upset in Women's bracket!
    • NFL - When a catch is a catch?
    • NHL -Goalie Madness
  • Placing Bets
    • March Madness -Who will win it all?
  • Big Topic
  • This week/day in tech history
    • 3/24/1959: TI gives the first demo of the integrated circuit. It was created to prove resistors and capacitors could exist on the same device.
    • 3/30/1951: Census Bureau recieves the 1st UNIVAC
    • World Backup Day!
    • March is Women’s history month!
      • Jean E. Sammet: Made one of the first programming languages (FORMAC was the first widely used general language and system for manipulating nonnumeric algebraic expressions).
  • Final Word

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