March 15, 2018

Wide World of Tech #11 - Tech Constructs!

  • Welcome
  • Tech News
  • Sports News
    • March Madness is coming
    • NFL News
    • NCAA $1B
    • NBA
  • Placing Bets
    • How many games will the Browns win?
  • Big Topic
    • Rise and fall of tech constructs - what really matters?
  • This week/day in tech history
    • March 4, 1956 - An Wang Sells core memory patent to IBM
    • March 5, 1995 - Yahoo! officially launches
    • March 9 1999 - AL Gore invents the internet
    • March is Women’s history month!
      • Grace Hopper. Responsible for starting UNIVAC, COBOL. 1st bug
      • "Admiral Hopper believed that the major obstacle to computers in non-scientific and business applications was the dearth of programmers for these far from user-friendly new machines. The key to opening up new worlds to computing, she knew, was the development and refinement of programming languages - languages that could be understood and used by people who were neither mathematicians nor computer experts. It took several years for her to demonstrate that this idea was feasible."
  • Final Word

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